Friday, February 20, 2009

The cake

She has asked for this cake every time we went to the grocery for the last year. She was beyond excited!

Happy Birthday Abby!

She is a mess!!!

4 months

Jack is such a big boy! We had his 4 month visit to the pediatrition on Monday. He is doing great except for the sleeping.He is rolling over, and he can sit up for a couple of seconds without assist. He is still getting up two to three times a night. He was 18 pounds (93%) , 24.5 inches tall ( 50%), and his head was 17 inches(75%). We started him on cereal Tuesday, and he loved it. He doesn't spit any of it out. He got some banana and sweet potatoes also. He is a big flirt when we are out and about. He loves his sister! He watches everything she does. She has started to be a very sweet big sis. She has started talking more to him and giving him lots of kisses. He has a great smile which I adore. If we talk to him he will talk and talk back to you. We also went to the cardiologist on Monday and all is well. We were discharged from their service!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jack and Abby

Abby's new hair. I know it looks bad, but it will grow back.

Tummy Time. Jack hates it!! His hair is always this crazy. I hope when he gets more it will calm down.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


we are officially moving to Oxford! We will be moving sometime in May. We found a house on South 10th street that we love. We are going to be renovating and adding on to the house.We will have plenty of room for people to come visit! We are about six or seven blocks from the square. Guy is really excited about his new job. We are really excited about moving back to Mississippi!

Jack's echo

Jack had an echo of his heart yesterday and all is well! His coronary arteries look great! We have one more echo in February. If his echo looks good we will be discharged from pediatric cardiology. Needless to say Guy and I are beyond relieved.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Hospital

We went to Oxford two weeks ago Sunday and Jack had a very stuffy nose. He was really fussy and congested. Tuesday he got this horrible rash from head to toe. His eyes were blood shot and his lips were cracked(everytime he cried they would start bleeding). You couldn't see a white spot anywhere on his body. We went to see a pediatrition on Tuesday in Oxford and he said it was just a virus. As the week went on he just didn't get better. Thursday night he got a fever of 103 that would not come down with Tylenol. I called our pediatrition here in VA and they said go to the ER. He got a chest x ray and they tried to get blood five times but couldn't get enough. The doctor said it was just a virus and keep an eye on his fever. The entire week he was either awake and screaming or sound asleep. We were on our way to the airport Sunday to go back to Va and I noticed his fingers were swollen and red. I showed Guy but he didn't think it was that big of a deal. His fever would not stop despite lots of tylenol. We went to the pediatrition Monday and they saud just keep and eye on him. We went back to the pediatrition Tuesday and he had blood work, a chest x ray, and a catheter to check his urine. By the way my poor husband had to put his catheter in because the nurse couldn't do it. Wednesday his fever was still 101.7 at lunch when the pediatrition called and we were sent to the hospital. He had a spinal tap, blood cultures, blood drawn, and an Iv started for antibiotics. Thursday we just kind of waited around to see if the fever would come down....and it didn't. His blood came back and it was elevated..not good. Friday we had an infectious disease doctor come and check him out. he also had more blood drawn that showed he had a big inflammatory process going on. Saturday the infectious disease doctor along with the pediatric cardiologist said they thought he had Kawasakis disease. He had to get more blood drawn and a new IV put in. Saturday night he got a medicine called IVIG through his IV over 18 hours which worked!! His fever finally broke at 7pm Saturday night. He also got Aspirin every six hours to protect his heart. This is the only childhood illness you can give aspirin. Sunday he was feeling much better. He had an echo of his heart and all was good. They let him go home Monday morning. We are very happy to be home. Thanks so much for the phone calls, help with Abby, thoughts, and prayers. We will be followed by the pediatric cardiologist for several months to make sure his heart looks ok.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jacks Big Sister

my brother had this shirt made for her. he is so awesome!

doctor appt

we took jack to the doctor for his 2wk check(more like 3wk) on thursday. everything looked great! He has gained 2 lbs in two weeks....he loves to eat. He also gained 1/2 an inch in height. He is still such a sweet baby.